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A special group of honey bees that created by nature to feed on a special nectar that gives a sweet taste with yellow color of honey. It is not processed by high pressure filtering or heating. Thus it keeps the enzymes, minerals and antioxidants that helps you to strengthen your health. Can be eaten together with fruits, caramels and cakes.. Sweet Honey in small pack 350g.

Benefits in Yellow Tualang Honey:
Increase Stamina, A source of Energy, Increasing the Body’s metabolism, Contains high Antioxidant Agent, Blood Circulation, Reduce Cholesterol Levels in the Blood, Digestive System, Uplifting / Sexual Dysfunction, Treating Wounds, Make Skin Smooth and Delicate, Treatment for Asthma, Menopause, Sinus, Allergies, Acne, Hair loss, Cancer, Fatigue, Headaches, Hemorrhoid, Mucus Phlegm, Low Back Pain, Tuberculosis, Weak Heart, Joint Pain, Cough, Eye, Insomnia, High Blood Pressure, Dizziness, Gastric, Aura Booster.

Usage Direction:
1 Tablespoon (14ml) 2 times daily before or after meal.

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Suitable for all.

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