Tualang Honey X Tongkat Ali 500g – (VIGOROUS) NEW!

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Is a honey that specially formulated for Men.

Benefits in Tualang Honey with Tongkat Ali:
Enhance Male Fertility, Increase Energy, Reducing Body Fat, Testosterone Booster.

Tualang Honey and Herbal Extract.
100% Pure Wild Bee Honey, Tongkat Ali Extract (Eurycoma Longifolia Jac) Ubi Jaga (Smilax Myosotiflora), Habbatus Sawda, Rempah Gunung, Penawar Pahit.

Usage Direction:
1 Tablespoon (14ml) 2 times daily before or after meal.

BPA Free-Plastic Jar

Suitable for active / sports people and all men.

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Weight 800 g