Trigona Kelulut Honey 1kg – (EXOTIC) NEW!

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Kelulut/Trigona honey has many benefits. Because Kelulut bees are smaller than Apis Dorsata bees they can take up flower nectar from the deepest spaces of the blossom. As a result Kelulut honey contains many vitamins and minerals.

Has golden color more clear than usual wild honey and a little sweet and sour mix. Honey has many benefits to restore various chronic diseases and very useful in medicine and health. Trigona produce Honey and Propolis high in nutrients such as antioxidants and rich in natural antibiotic. Trigona wild bees usually nest in tree trunks that have been cut down. It’s a very unique and rare thus makes it very privileged in Southeast Asia.

Health Benefits in Trigona :
Is a Healthy Sugar Substitute, Helps to Cure Wounds, Treat Respiratory Diseases, Suitable for Achieving a Healthy Weight , Enhance Inner & Outer Beauty, Natural cure for Insomnia, Treat Bladder Infections, Treat Sinus & Flu, Helps to overcome the problem of Obtaining Offspring, Helps to cure Clatulence, Reducing Bad Breath, Treatment for Arthritis, Anti Bacteria, Anti Fungus, Natural treatment for HIV/AIDS, Ulcer treatment, Treat Hepatitis (Liver), Kidney Stones, Gout, Cancer, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Stroke & Heart Disease.

Usage Direction:
1 Tablespoon (14ml) 2 times daily before or after meal.

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Suitable for all.

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