Tualang Honey with Tongkat Ali (for Men)


The Tualang Honey with Tongkat Ali contains Wild Forest Tualang Honey and 3% of Wild Deep Jungle Tongkat Ali. This helps to strengthen the male immune system and develop strong blood cells with the power of enzymes, allowing them to carry a maximum of oxygen and develop antibodies to fight infections in the blood. Long-term consumption will create healthy cells and re-develop new skin cells that makes you looking younger while slowing down the aging process.

Wild Tongkat Ali Honey is intended to relieve sexual problems in men such as early ejaculation, under-performance as a REAL MEN, decreased fertility (long waiting for baby), prostate problems, and promoting a strong muscle performance on the sex organ. Other benefits are the prevention or fight against cancer (at any stage), cleansing the blood, reducing the aging process, cleansing colons and strengthen other body organ functions.

This Tualang honey with Tongkat Ali has a bitter sweet taste and comes in Jars (300g).


97% is Tualang Honey and 3% is Extract.
100% Pure Wild Bee Honey, Tongkat Ali Extract (Eurycoma Longifolia Jac) Ubi Jaga (Smilax Myosotiflora), Habbatus Sawda, Rempah Gunung, Penawar Pahit.

How to use:

Take 14 ml honey with a tea spoon 2 times a day in the morning. Best to drink with warm water (200 ml).

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