Tualang Honey with Kacip Fatimah (for Women)

Tualang Honey with 3% Kacip Fatimah is collected from our own jungle which is of higher quality than honey from secondary forest called Khatulistiwa or Tropical Forest. The honey goes through a highly sophisticated process of filtration to remove bees, bee wax, leaves, dust, rain and high water content. The filtration process will maintain the water content at 20% in the honey, preventing it to become fermented, smelly and sour. Consume the original (Asli) pure honey for your good health everyday. Our honey has been certified and tested by MARDI and genuinely proven to be best quality honey. Take a table spoon daily in the morning and night to re-generate your antibodies and as a fast energy BOOSTER. Kacip Fatimah will help to increase the performance and stamina for your sexual life with your partner. This Tualang honey with Kacip Fatimah has a bitter sweet taste and comes in Jars (300g).


97% is Tualang Honey and 3% is Extract.
100% Pure Wild Bee Honey, Kacip Fatimah Extract (Labisia Pumila), Akar Serapat (Param Eria Polyneura), Manjakani (Quercus Infectoria), Mas Cotek (Ficus Deltoidea)

How to use:

Take daily 2 tea spoons of 14 ml per serving or drink with warm water every morning and night.

“Not suitable for pregnant women. Can be consumed from 4 months onwards after delivering the baby.”

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