The Brand

At TualangHoney.com.my, we are proud to

present our product with a brand new name RAOUFF RESERVE with it’s Malay tagline Anugerah Harta Alam which means Nature’s

Prime Wealth – The name change is a result of rebranding an effort created to mirror the

growth and transformation of our company.


Throughout the history, TualangHoney.com.my

has had no brand since then. In fact, many of our customers think that we sell only raw honey product from Malaysia that can be remembered with the design on bottle.


Here we have created two brands.

The Raouff Reserve is a brand specially given to customers that looking for a premium natural health care and Raouff is a parent brand designed for body care and wellness. In short, by moving to these brands, we want to make a statement to be

fully considered an expert in manufacturing wild honey and other natural organic products

for health and commercial use.

“Unbelievably exotic! Never tried anything like this before”

Thanks for the honey! The taste is great, unique and Dark Black Tualang Honey is my new favourite now.
Marie Ann Kozlu

Raouff Reserve permium jar honey selection

Whether you’re looking for a natural treatment or supplement, the Raouff Reserve honey permium jar selection has the finest for you to choose from. Find out more.

Tasty Breakfast

Start your morning breakfast  with Tualang Honey Recipes Ever. 

honey recipe

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