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OEM Manufacturing

Our company Tualang Honey Malaysia specializes in OEM custom label products for all kinds of Wild Tualang Honey. We focus on a stable production line for producing high quality Honey. With us you will have a flexible production plan for all processes right from the selection of quality ingredients to packaging and design according to your needs.

In the era of smart operations – while maintaining the core parts of the production (research and product development) – most companies nowadays prefer to have their ponderous production procedures outsourced. It is not necessary to actually produce the goods yourself for the sake of branding. You only need to take care of the core work on selections and setting the standards of production to successfully brand your own products. Here we are ready to create a win-win development together with you through our friendly and cooperative attitude.

OEM Honey Custom Honey

Please contact us for more information on our OEM & White-label products.