Kelulut Honey / Trigona Honey (Malaysia)

KelulutLebah Kelulut (Meliponini) and Trigona are bee species that do not sting, making the insect easier to handle than other honey bees. There are nearly 150 species of Trigona bees (Kelulut) such as Scapto Trigona, Trigona Laeviceps, Trigona Apicalis, Trigona Thorasica, Trigona Itama and many more.

Kelulut honey has many benefits. Because Kelulut bees are smaller than Apis Dorsata bees they can take up flower nectar from the deepest spaces of the blossom. As a result Kelulut honey contains many vitamins and minerals.

Kelulut species most often make their nests in hollow tree stumps or tree branches. Among the most important substances produced by Kelulut is Propolis. Propolis is produced by bees through saliva mixing with food substances such as pollen, bark, shoots of trees and flowers. Young bees and cocoons of Kelulut are very sensitive to viruses, fungi and insect pests. To ensure the nest is kept clean, sterile and under controlled conditions, Propolis produced by Kelulut bees is functioning as Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial agent.

Propolis has many health benefits, containing 16 Amino Acids, Glucose, Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, Bioflavonoids and Minerals. Bioflavonoids contribute to the smooth running of the human body’s repair systems.

Trigona Nest Trigona Nest in Wood

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