Tualang Honey

World's Finest Honey From Tropical Rainforest


Christmas Presents Red lady Rainforest Honey Girl KELULUT TRIGONA
Tualang Honey is a wild rainforest honey from Malaysia. The Giant Honey Bees (Apis dorsata) hang their honey combs from the branches of the Tualang Tree (Koompassia excelsa) to collect pollen and nectar from the surrounding rainforest. This is real WILD HONEY (not from a bee farm), collected by workers risking their life climbing on very high Tualang trees that can grow up to 85 meters tall. It is therefore 100% organic honey straight from the rainforest. We do not add any preservatives which is unnecessary for bee honey.

Malaysian honey harvested from Tualang trees comes in different colors and tastes, depending on the region where the bees collect the pollen and nectar from. The taste of Dark Honey or Royal Black Honey is somewhat different from ordinary yellow honey as it has a mild bitter-sweet taste. Red honey tastes “round” and sweet, Yellow Tualang honey is slightly sweet-sour while our White Jelly Honey tastes more flowery.

“ The higher the tropical rain forest, the finer the quality of Wild Tualang Honey ”